Staff Statements: Favorite Acorn Memories

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close up photo of two acorns
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As this school year comes to a close and things begin to get hectic with finals, it is important to take a pause and reflect on everything that has happened in the past year. We finally came back on campus, the mask mandate has been lifted and everyone has finally gotten to know one another face to face again. With this in mind, we asked our staff what their fondest memory of their time at The Acorn was.

close up photo of two acorns
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

“Honestly I think my finest, or perhaps proudest moment, was when I first had an article published. The only conversation I had for the rest of the day was telling people to read my article,” Ollie Arnold (‘25). 

“Making friends with the squirrels that took over for a week on April 1,” Emily Pieczyrak (‘25).

“My favorite memory is late night one a.m. runs to McDonalds. Yeah, going to McDonalds at one a.m. with Nina, and then coming back to a confused office,” Keven Munoz(‘22).

“Being in that office in 2019 right around when TikTok had just emerged, and it was so shiny and new. We just watched TikToks for like an hour and a half, pissing ourselves laughing. We were like Boomers on TikTok,” Kelly Notine (‘22).

“The Taylor Swift Night. “Red Taylor’s Version” was released and we vibed out,” Jamie Lynn Connors (‘23).

“Religiously making fun of Keven. He knows he loves the attention,” Nicole Sydor (‘25).

“The Acron and figuring out our squirrel names,” Mary Laut (‘22)

“My favorite thing was finishing up our first print edition of the year and it was just me and Keven. And we had called the printer four times and the printer was not picking up. But he picked up on the fourth call, and I just remember walking back to Riker with Keven and being basically delirious, but also happy to publish our first edition in print. It was a good time. Oh, also, it was like 4 a.m.” Olivia Yepez (‘22).

“The Taylor Swift night was a lot of fun. It was just a fun night and the vibes were good in here. Are you writing down what I’m saying?” Lauren Reduzzi (‘23).

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