Bring the bubly Back

by Emily Pieczyrak

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floating clear bubbles in abundance
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Imagine: You are at The Commons trying to find some decent food you can enjoy. Maybe nothing looks appealing, and you go for the pizza; or maybe there’s stir-fry, and you decide to get some. Basically, only the unhealthy options look somewhat appealing and it’s upsetting, but you have to eat something.

You decide, since you are not eating very healthy, at least you won’t get a sugary soda. You reach for the bubly machine, but it’s out of order.

floating clear bubbles in abundance
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

I understand there are strong, controversial opinions surrounding sparkling water. Many people say they dislike fizzy drinks because they cannot handle the “violence” of the bubbles. Believe me, I understand. I used to be one of those people. I stuck to orange juice for a long time. However, things started to change when I began to drink stale soda, and the bubbles didn’t attack my mouth and throat. Since there were little to no bubbles, I was able to enjoy the taste, and I started to drink soda more and more often. After a while, I became used to carbonation.

Now, I prefer a freshly opened can of soda where the bubbles make your mouth tingle. I find it very refreshing. However, even though the taste was what originally got me to like soda, I find that the outrageous amount of sugar and calories is a problem. So, I started to convert my soda habits to sparkling water, even though I used to dislike, or dare I say, hate, the boring beverage. 

It proved to be a difficult task. My love for fizziness seemed to be more about the sugary taste than the sensation itself, but I wanted to keep the feeling that soda gave me, without the unhealthiness. I ended up falling in love with bubbles and couldn’t imagine not drinking carbonated drinks like I used to. With my newfound love, I looked forward to drinking some raspberry bubly with every meal at the Commons.

The issue is that the bubly gods have betrayed me, and the machine has been out of order for weeks now. And recently, they ended up completely removing the machine!

I demand that the bubly machine be fixed and brought back so that I do not have to revert to sugar-filled soda for my fix of bubbles. I don’t need to be even more unhealthy than I already am with my choice of stir-fry and sugar cookies for lunch.

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