TikTok Transforms Music Industry

by Kat Kugler

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As we start the third month of the new year, several hit songs have already reached a wide range of listeners. From new artists to those who have already been recognized, social media has popularized all kinds of new music in different genres. Specifically, TikTok has become a way of life and communication for many young individuals and adults, while playing a role in highlighting artists. Some songs heavily marketed through TikTok are “Fingers Crossed” by Lauren Spencer Smith, “pushin P” by Gunna and Future, “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes and “Boyfriend” by Dove Cameron. Each of these attracted different audiences on the app with their creators posting engaging videos of the songs’ lyrics and moods.

person holding black android smartphone
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Smith’s new release of “Fingers Crossed” connected with every heartbroken female listener. You can hear the passion in her voice as she sings about the struggles of a past relationship. TikTok listeners related on a very personal level to the lyrics, sparking a debate over which line was the most “accurate” or sad. Another empowering female artist whose song reached a large audience of women on the platform is Cameron. Her new release of “Boyfriend” became popular as an exciting and promiscuous piece that implies she could treat a woman better than her boyfriend. This fun and seductive song has given many girls confidence about their sexuality and overall self. 

The other song that reached a larger audience thanks to TikTok is “pushin P” by Gunna and Future. This catchy and addictive hit has a beat that almost forces you to sing and dance along. The famous line “She not a lesbian, for P she turn pesbian” had everyone hooked and excited about the rest of the lyrics. Due to the catchy and repetitive line “pushin P” in the song, many people are using the phrase in daily life. 

Finally, we have Hayes’s hit song, “Fancy Like.” It has a fun and catchy beat  with sweet lyrics that make people want to start dancing. Hayes talks about his girl and how he does not feel the need to spoil her with expensive things, but instead, keeps it fancy with dates at Applebee’s and other casual and silly things, making the relationship far more relatable to listeners. 

Every one of these songs has its own meaning and importance. Each found a way to connect to their audience on TikTok with their unique and creative styles, lyrics and mood. These top hits of the new year have started trends that will continue throughout the rest of the year, and they will inspire artists to be more creative. It will be interesting to see how these songs develop in the media and create new trends and debate. 

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