Theme Houses Present an Alternate Living Option

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Drew University has four unique theme houses where residents can apply to live. These allow for an environment where students can embrace various cultures and live among others with similar interests. The four theme houses include: the Women’s Concerns House (WoCo), La Casa Latina, the African Black Caribbean House (ABC House) and Art House. Three of the houses are located in Eberhardt Hall and Art House resides in Haselton. Each house has its own specific focus for students to come together, talk about and participate in shared interests and host regular events on campus for the community. 


This house, the oldest theme house on campus, is focused around intersectional feminism. The community promotes a positive and uplifting environment, generating equality within the theme house and on campus, regardless of identity. WoCo has provided an outlet for passionate feminists to share their ideas and participate in activism on campus, from the Women’s March in New York City, to Trans Day of Remembrance, to Take Back the Night (an event to raise awareness and educate about sexual violence and assault on and off campus). Students can contact the House Assistant Jackie Wilberton (‘22) or email for more information. 

La Casa Latina:

A house for individuals who wish to represent Latine culture and hope to inspire and empower diversity both in and outside of the Drew community. “Theme houses are such a unique way of connecting with others under similar interests or philosophies,” said Makayla Rico (‘22), La Casa Latina House Assistant. “La Casa Latina was just that for me.” Rico expressed her love for living in La Casa for the reason that it is not like a dorm. It is a much more comfortable space to connect with one another through Latine culture and food. Rico said that her favorite part about being an HA is that she has the privilege to connect with people in her house. “I have been trained on the resources to share with residents, and I feel so happy when I can help them out, especially when some of the concerns are based on being Latine on a predominantly white campus,” Rico said. 

“La Casa is unique in that we are proudly responsible for leading events such as Dia de los Muertos and collaborations with Drew Roosevelt Network for immigrant justice,” said resident Alyssa Sileo (‘22). The house is community-oriented and hosts events around cultural recognition and diversity education. Students can contact the House Assistant Makayla Rico or email for more information.

ABC House:

A house focused on providing a safe environment for individuals who identify within the diaspora. The house also strives to celebrate diverse identities in the community and encourages students to stand for their own backgrounds and individualities. Students can contact the House Assistant Hope Sanders (‘22) or email for more information.

Art House:

A house for students to create, uplift and appreciate forms of art, no matter the medium. Art House is interested in bringing in students who are looking to reside in a unique, creative environment with fellow artists. In the past, Art House has hosted the Black-Out Poetry event, a collaboration with the Drew Counseling Center for Stress-Down Day and a yearly end of the semester Art Exhibition that allows residents to showcase their art. Students can contact the House Assistant Scout Graham (‘22) or email for more information. 

“All the houses have their own energies to them that make them unique and draw people together,” said Rico. Being a member of a theme house can also provide the opportunity for students to gain service hours and develop skills through planning events. If you are interested in joining a Theme House, fill out the application located on the Drew Theme Houses website or contact the house HA for specific information. 

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