“Kiss on the Asphalt” Rocks Drew Out of the Box Festival

by Dean Graham

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On Nov. 16, 19 and 20, the Theatre department and Drew University Dramatic Society (DUDS) showcased the play “Kiss on the Asphalt” and the dance show “Reacclimatize” as part of the Out of the Box Festival. The play was written by Brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues in 1960 and was translated for the Drew production by André Yunes Sadir Sabbag (‘22) and Nicole Froio.

“Kiss on the Asphalt” centers around Alfonso (Avery Burnap (‘25)), who is caught up in a conspiracy after kissing a dying man upon his last request. Disgraced police officer Cunha (Andrew KoGolenok (‘23)) and sleazy tabloid journalist Amado (Bryce Brittingham (‘23)) use homophobia to criminalize Alfonso and eventually attempt to frame him for murder. This leads to his estrangement from his wife Doninha (Kyriaki Kyrkopoulou (‘24)) and complicates his relationship with his sister-in-law Dália (Krystal Lozano (‘25)) and father-in-law Olinto (Moses Hyman (‘23)). 

The play is an extremely compelling story that plays with serious, dark and poignant political themes that are still relevant today. 

“‘Kiss on the Asphalt’ feels relevant as ever as a critique,” Brittingham said. “There’s a morbid comfort in knowing today’s problems aren’t new.”

The intensity of the play grew as the plot progressed, with twist after twist occurring, each more shocking than the last. 

“It felt like a surprise and I liked that,” Emily Palazzo (‘23) said. 

As with many plays put on at Drew, the conclusion of the play transitioned to a talkback session in which dramaturg Scout Graham (‘22) and Assistant Stage Manager Kris Perez (‘24) spoke to the audience, asking and answering some questions. 

The shows put on as part of the Out of the Box Festival were among the department’s final productions of the Fall 2021 semester. Those interested in past and future events can check out the Theatre and Dance Department website

Image courtesy of Drew University.

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