Rocky Horror Rocks the House on Halloween

by Isabella Robinson

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people at theater
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You could feel the antici…….pation in the air on Halloween night as the Drew University Dramatic Society (DUDS) put on a viewing of the legendary Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Audience members packed into Crawford Hall to enjoy the film and the overall transformational experience that one can only experience at a Rocky Horror screening. 

Dressed in sexy, silly and scary costumes, DUDS members recreated scenes in front of the movie screen. 

people at theater
Photo by Monica Silvestre on

The night began with the “Virgin Sacrifice,” a tradition associated with DUDS Rocky Horror events involving students who have never seen the production. I won’t spoil the content of the virgin sacrifice, but there were many virgins lined up this year to await initiation into the world of Transylvania. 

Shadowing the action on screen was the board of DUDS. Pippa Gerber-Stroh (‘23) as Brad, Maddy Sands (‘22) as Janet, Brandon Vita (‘23) as Frank-N-Furter, Emily Solomon (‘23) as Magenta, Dylan McCormick (‘24) as Riff Raff, Medina Purefoy-Craig (‘24) as Dr. Scott/Narrator, Shannon Dempsey (‘23) as Columbia, Daria Yashnyk (‘24) as Eddie and Jackie Wilberton (‘22) as Rocky.

In addition to their enthralling shadow performance, DUDS supplied the first 100 audience members with a bag of classic Rocky Horror props. Armed with newspaper, rice, confetti, toast, noisemakers and more, the audience’s participation was followed with cheers and laughs. 

Suzy Ott (‘23), who dressed up as a Hogwarts student, said that the event was a lot of fun. 

“The whole DUDS cast did a great job, I really liked the performances of Riff Raff and Frank-N-Furter,” Ott said. “It was a great way to end the Halloweekend!” 

Overall, the atmosphere at Crawford Hall was full of excitement throughout the experience of the film. As Halloween came to a close, everyone at Rocky Horror got one last moment of pure spooky joy. 

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