Surviving Spring 2021: The Healthy Way

by Venna Hsu

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With the ongoing pandemic, the number of total cases is approaching 30 million in America. The only way to survive spring semester is quite literally staying alive. This semester, you should take extra time to care for your body and monitor your health at all times.

Like the saying goes: your body is a temple. There is nothing more important than treating that temple with respect and maintaining a healthy body. Without health, you won’t have the energy to achieve anything. Here are 5 simple ways you can ensure your health this semester, both physically and mentally. 

Keep track of your appetite. First up, we have the easiest tip: being mindful of your hunger… . According to  an article published on Medical News Today, when people are under pressure, they tend to either lose appetite or overeat. The difference is that people who suffer from long-term stress tend to experience a loss of appetite while people who only feel stressed once in a while are more prone to overeating. Given the current state of the world we’re living in, it’s safe to say we all have some stress in our lives and we should look out for loss or gain of appetite. 

Stay hydrated. Although water is no magic potion, we should always be sure to drink lots, as there is science behind why it’s important. The more liquid we consume, the more frequent we hit the bathrooms. Urinating helps get rid of the toxins in our bodies, helping us to have less harmful substances in our bodies and thus achieving the goal of being healthy. 

Take supplements daily. It is time to take your vitamins and/or medications on a regular basis if you haven’t been doing so already. They won’t work if you keep forgetting about doing it. Furthermore, If you are allergic to coffee, tea and red bull, here’s some good news for you: according to Vitamin B Complex is now your new best friend, as it can help regulate your energy levels.

Perform your COVID-19 routines. For the past year, we have been bombarded with all kinds of posts on social media telling us to stay hygienic – wash hands regularly, wear masks and social distance. We must take these precautions extra seriously in order to keep our state of health in check. It is our individual responsibility to provide a safe learning environment not only for the sake of ourselves but for others as well.

Keep a journal. Last but not least, write down your daily thoughts. Jotting down your mood of the day is the most direct way to monitor your mental health. As you recall how much you have accomplished in a day, it also acts as an encouragement so you stay positive (except for when it comes to COVID tests, you want those to be negative) and keep your head up.

These are a few survival tips to help you cope with the spring semester when it comes to health. Despite every unfavorable situation that may come up or has already surfaced, remember this: you’re alive, strong and thriving, that’s the only crucial thing worth celebrating. 

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