Drew Elects Student Government Senate

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By Michael McCurry

On April 20, Drew students went to the polls to select next year’s upperclassmen Student Government Senators. Ballots were cast online by logging onto path.drew.edu from the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The positions on the ballot included four Sophomore Senators, four Junior Senators, four Senior Senators and a Commuter-at-Large Student Senator.

“I was on Student Government for a little under 2 years and enjoyed it so much,” said graduating Senator Jacalyn Imbriano. “I would tell incoming senators to speak their minds about issues they care about on campus and also be really receptive to their constituents wants. As a senator, you are supposed to represent your class, not just your friend group.”

Imbriano graduates from office along with her fellow Class of ‘18 senators, Crystal Caragine and Aaron Sartorio as well as Commuter at Large Senator Mariana Goncalves-Servegini.

For the class of 2019, Nick DeFuria is the only returning Senator with Andrew Castelluccio, Iliana Mendez and Bobby Ludwick taking up the vacant posts left by Andrew Pidhorodeckyj, Karan Erry and Harry Cohen.

Meanwhile, Alessandra Le Pera, Sita Kasbarian and Marianna Khachatryan will all return to serve in their posts as the class of 2020 senators along with the newly elected Yazzie Mustafa who will fill the seat left by Vilma Hoxha.

“I’m so humbled to be able to keep my seat at the table, and I thank anyone who took the time to vote,” said Senator Alessandra Le Pera. “I had a very eye-opening and successful first term, and with new experiences under my belt, it can only go up from here.”

Finally, for the Class of 2021, all four senators will return to serve another year as representatives for their class. The four being Cassie Allen, Diana Karamourtopoulos, Leoš Malec and Raquel Cabrera.

Due to a bug on Path, the website used for voting, the position of Commuter at Large has yet to be announced as Student Government is still working to rectify the issue. The class of 2022 will elect their Senators during the second week of the fall semester.

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