Foraging in the Forest: Student Projects at Drew

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By: Nina Campli, Assistant Editor of Student Life and Arts, Photographer: Laila Hanandeh

Saad Shammoot (‘18) is a Business major with a Political Science minor and is currently working on his senior thesis. Although Shammoot only arrived at Drew three years ago, this will be his final semester as he is graduating early, of which he said, “The decision to graduate early wasn’t easy for me. I think that Drew’s amazing at providing their students with a lot of opportunities…. This being my last semester, doing my honors thesis and getting to graduate a year early is just another opportunity I don’t think I would have had, had I not chosen Drew.”

His thesis centers around the difference in job satisfaction in the United States and Jordan, where he is from. Shammoot says that he wanted to explore this topic because, “I grew up going to American and international schools. I still kept finding differences that I didn’t expect to find in everything from the culture to the people when I got here.” He believes job satisfaction is an excellent way to compare the two countries since people spend a large majority of their time at work or thinking about their job.

He stated, “Research has been great, somewhat stressful, but I keep discovering new things that I want to explore and add to my thesis.” He also added that most of his articles are from Organizational Psychology journals.

The information Shammoot has found so far has been largely based on American and Western samples, however he believes it is important to look at other countries, such as Jordan, concerning job satisfaction because it could help improve job satisfaction overall. In the future he would like to continue this research because he “would love to be able to explore more countries and see what phenomena the field of job satisfaction might have missed and which ones could be further expanded by looking at people from other parts of the world.”

He finished the interview saying his time at Drew has “been absolutely incredible, and being able to say that I did all of this stuff in the three years I’ve been here is what’s made my time at Drew University the worthwhile experience it has been.”

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