Baldwin Honors Plans Day of Research

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By Inji Kim

On Friday, April 6, the Baldwin Honors Program is planning to host a day of celebrating research and experiential learning. Professor Stephen Dunaway, the new director of the program, organized the event in the hopes that it will be an opportunity for students to exhibit their academic accomplishments. Along with Dunaway, many Baldwin Honors students are involved in organizing the event by coordinating researchers, presenting their research on the day or both. “The Day of Scholars is a brand new, unique, school-wide event that has never been done before. It’s very much about boldly going where no one has gone before, so how could I pass up such an opportunity?” said Eva Wagenknechtova (‘20). Wagenknechtova, who has been closely involved with the event planning, discussed that the most rewarding part about planning the event so far has been when scholars began reaching out to present their projects, stressing that any Drew community member is welcome to reach out to her to help on the day of the event. In addition, she stressed the importance for active audience participation and invited all Drewids to attend the event that will be held in the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts from 3:25 p.m.-5:35 p.m. Each Baldwin Honors scholar will be given the opportunity to share his or her independent research and experiential learning activities that range from independent research conducted in their Honors Tutorial to any off-campus experiences, such as Drew short-TRECs. The showcase will expand beyond showing traditional research, allowing performing arts and visual arts students to present their works as well.

These presentations will not only be showcased for the rest of the University, but also to potential Baldwin scholars who may join the program in the upcoming year. The Baldwin Honors Program promotes independent research by Drewids who wish to expand beyond what they learn in the classroom and examine academic topics of their choice in a more detailed and formal way by providing faculty mentors and scholarships. “The hope is to create a tradition where we come together as an entire academic community to celebrate the accomplishments of our students campus-wide,” stated Dunaway, explaining the importance of recognizing the hard work of scholars.

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