“Who’s DREW for you?” Day of Gratitude Celebrates Drew Community

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Laura Archer, Staff Writer

The Day of Gratitude was an event for campus to come celebrate Drew’s pride and philanthropy, hosted by Drew’s Student Philanthropy Ambassadors. Alumni and friends of the university support the many advisors, professors, coaches and staff through donations every year. Each year Day of Gratitude is held to thank them for their donations of money and time that ensure Drew stays the special place that we all know it to be.

This past Tuesday the community celebrated Day of Gratitude. The EC 1867 Lounge was decorated with balloons and signs and stocked with refreshments. Students were encouraged to write the names of professors, coaches, staff members, programs or organizations that they were thankful for. Different tables were set up around the room to allow students to express their thanks on large posters that were then hung around the room. As shown by the numerous signs still hanging all around the entrance to the EC, we have a lot to be thankful for here at Drew. Some popular responses were the RISE program, DSSI, coaches, professors and advisors, the Civic Scholars Program and the Baldwin Honors Program. Professors came and hung signs giving thanks for their “hope-inspiring students” and President Baenninger made her own sign thanking the Alumni. After creating and hanging their posters, people grabbed and proudly wore “grateful” pins, ate some Drew cookies, entered the Instagram contest or pet Griffin, Drew’s Seeing Eye Dog in training.

Seniors Julia Cornell (‘18) and Jenny Stein (‘18) tabled to promote the Senior Gift Society. Since 1983 the Senior Gift Society has bettered the Drew community and campus to give thanks to the university for their four years. Some past gifts include the patio for Commons, the Brother’s College cafe, the clock outside the EC and the Class of ’80 Pub. As a whole, the senior class has already had more participation than last year’s graduating class. They’ve already reached 32% participation of their 50% goal. This year they are allowing each senior to choose where their donation goes.

Cornell commented that The Day of Gratitude was a perfect day to give back to all that Drew has done and offered her, saying, “Without the generous donations for scholarships, the Baldwin Honors program, my friends, and the staff and professors in the English Department, I would not be where I am today. I will always be grateful for everything this school has done for me, and how it has allowed me to grow and succeed.”

To learn more about the Day of Gratitude and read responses of what other students and staff are grateful for, check out  https://www.drew.edu/advancement/make-a-gift/day-of-gratitude/


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