Korn Gallery Hosts Works from Skilled Artist

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By: Willy Nichter, Staff Writer Photographer: Nina Campli

For the first two months of 2018, the Korn Gallery is hosting Interface, an exhibition of recent works by Calif. -based artist Gina Werfel.

Werfel, who has trained at Columbia University, the New York Studio School and Hamilton College, works as a Professor of Art at University of California Davis. Her work has been featured in several exhibitions, both individually and as part of a larger collection.

Werfel’s work is primarily focused on the interplay between various colors, and she has incorporated numerous artistic techniques into her paintings.

“She has a deep understanding of color and line,” said Anna Scheckel (’18), one of the exhibition’s various gallery sitters. She also said that Werfel “just really pushes the understanding of movement and vibrancy in all her works”.

The exhibition consists of nine paintings, of which five are oil paint on canvas, three are monoprint and one is acrylic and mixed media. The paintings themselves are in a variety of colors, ingeniously using most, if not all, of the space provided to create a beautiful display.

While the paintings are abstract representations of colors, they are unified by Werfel’s particular style. She combines naturalistic swipes and paths of paint with geometric frameworks to create a unified whole out of her colors.

Furthermore, their names work to create a greater sense of cohesion. The names of the paintings do not bring to mind the actual content, but they work with the exhibitions name.  Names such as Trace and Junction create methods of interfacing with the world around one’s self. It is a spectacular exhibit, and one that should be seen while the opportunity is still there.

The Korn Gallery is located in the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts and is open Tuesday through Friday from 12:30 p. m. to 4 p. m. The exhibition ends on March 2.



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