National Parks: Garden of Gods

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by Maïmouna Kante

This week’s edition of National Parks branches out looking instead at recreational parks designed by humans, confusing the balance between the natural and the manipulated. Two famous parks that fall into this category are Central Park in New York and Park Güell in Barcelona. Both exhibit beautiful sceneries that have us believing we are in nature, but it begs the question, are we in nature?

The Garden of Gods is a public park located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This park is known for its incredible rock structure of redish, pinkish and almost whitish limestone and sandstone, though it is mostly known for its red rock that was formed through violent geological disruptions. The Europeans called this area Red Rock Coral.

The famous rocks were naturally constructed by the forces of geology. Scientists estimate that the rock formations were created during the Pleistocene Ice Age that lead to erosion and glacial activity. The park also contains high biodiversity; mule deer, bighorn sheep and fox are a part of this ecosystem.

Like many other parks there are series of activities for all age groups. Annual events such as Earth Day, Bighorn Sheep Day, difference races and bike rides are celebrated. If you don’t attend any of these events you can book a segway tour or even a jeep tour. For those visitors that are more daring, they might part take in rock climbing. Like many other parks, the Garden of the Gods serves as a space to educate people about the importance of the environment.

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