Student Art Show in the Korn Gallery

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by Caitlin Shannon, Student Life and Arts Editor

If you’ve stopped by the Korn Gallery recently you’ve probably noticed that it’s a bit more full than usual. That’s because currently the Korn Gallery as well as the hallways and room 207 of the Art Wing are full of student art. The end of each semester in the Art Department brings the Student Art Show, where student artists get a chance to show off what they’ve been working on and senior art majors in Senior Studio get the chance to show off the beginnings of their final projects.

The Korn Gallery holds the majority of the works, with all different mediums represented. As you walk in, on your right you are greeted by a wall of portraits and other colorful paintings. You could truly stand in front of this wall for more than 15 minutes just admiring the beautiful work.

If you turn around you will see all sorts of sculptures and ceramics projects lining the window sills and the tables in the middle of the room. Particularly striking from this collection are the different pairs of shoes along one windowsill and the seemingly lifesize guitar sitting on one of the tables. In addition, a blue dragon coming out of the water is particularly interesting because of the details given to its horns and head as well as the beautiful blue glaze used to bring it to life.

The other two walls hold a variety of hold all sorts of paintings and drawings. Among some standouts are the collection of ten portraits and self-portraits on the left side of the back wall. On the final wall a painting of a person wearing a gas mask is particularly eye-catching for its detailed and artful shading, as well as bursts of colors in the background.

Outside in the first floor hallways there is more art on display. The lifesize drawings that cover the height of some of the walls are a must see, though they are pretty hard to miss. These drawings are notable not only for their life-like accuracy but for the way they have captured their subjects in the middle of a moment that we might otherwise not think to admire. Their subjects do seemingly mundane things like sit on a stool, lean against a wall, or look over their shoulder while writing on the board, but these drawings bring those moments to life in a beautiful way.

Upstairs in Arts 207 you can walk through the Senior Studio and take a look at what art majors are currently working on for their final projects here at Drew. When you first walk in you’ll see a curtained section that is sure to pique your curiosity. Visitors are encouraged to enter, sit down, and fully immerse themselves in a living room scene straight out of the 1970s complete with a TV, Life magazines, and haphazard beer bottles. As you continue to stroll around the room you’ll note the different sorts of projects the seniors are working on from anatomical drawing to photography to collage. When coming to see the Student Art Show don’t forget to come upstairs for the Senior Studio that gives visitors the opportunity to get a glance into the art-making process, something that is often left out of our observations of art.

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