Stop Pushing my Buttons and Open the Door

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Think twice the next time you raise one of your two empty and abled hands to press the button that opens the doors automatically to the EC or any other building on campus. Definitely think thrice if you are doing it so that you can drag your two lazy and abled feet inside. Or even if you have something in one of your hands, you can still open the door.

Every time you press the button simply because you cannot be bothered to pull your hands out of your pockets, not only are you screwing up the temperature inside the building by letting the cold air in, but you are wasting an incredible amount of energy. Energy is wasted both because of the fact that the doors have to be opened with electricity, and because it defeats the purpose of double doors and lets the heating escape. In the winter and in the summer, there is climate control inside the building. By letting in the outside temperature, the heating or cooling inside then just has to work even harder to correct this change and use more energy.

The amount of times that I have bumped against someone because they stop walking abruptly to wait for the doors to open gets even more ridiculous with every semester. The loud mechanical sound of the door opening to welcome an individual’s laziness and lack of consideration is a current nightmare in my life. What is particularly bothersome is that those buttons are clearly labelled for the use of people that need the help; it does not say “for the use of everyone who is so simultaneously apathetic and entitled they cannot find the energy to pull open a door.”      

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