Water You Drinking?

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Isabella Kudas

As an out-of-stater, the first thing I was surprised about when I got to Drew was how bad the water tastes. Being from Maine, regular faucet water tastes like the purest thing you will ever have in your life; it’s refreshing, revitalizing and energizing. The water here makes it easy to hate drinking water, between the grainy feel and the aftertaste it’s hard to get your daily intake (a suggested 64 ounces) without spending a load of money on plastic water bottles (which is bad for the environment). So yours truly tried almost every water fill up station on campus to get you the top three best stations so you can actually enjoy drinking water again!

1) The fill-up station outside the bookstore:

This station was my most surprising discovery and happens to be the number one place to get water on campus! After filling up my bottle on my way out of Commons, I was expecting the usual grainy taste that most of the water on campus has, but instead was hit with its elegantly bold taste. It tastes just as good as any Poland Springs bottle, without wasting all the plastic!

2) The EC fill-up:

Although not nearly as good as the bookstore’s station, this is a solid second place. The water still tastes a bit coarse but not nearly to the degree of other places on campus (and at least it doesn’t have lead in it). So if you’re running through the EC on your way to class, or stopping in for a bite to eat, head over to the Brita fountain to get your fill.

3) The upstairs fountain in the Simon Forum:

So this fountain makes the top three because the water comes cold! Yes, you read that right, the water comes out ice cold! Nothing is better after a hard workout then a cold bottle of water. However, in my humble opinion, it is best if you drink it as soon as possible because once that water warms up, it loses all of its edge and goes back to tasting just like the rest of the water at this school (unfortunate and lacking).

Now that you know where you can get the best water on campus, you can stop worrying about having to buy bottled water. However, if you get stuck drinking from a place that didn’t make this list, fear not, you can still make that water taste average by putting ice into your water bottle beforehand!

Isabella is a sophomore Business major with a French minor.

Graphic by Caroline Polich.

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