Drew SPA Celebrates National Philanthropy Day

Office ofBy: Laura Archer, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, Drew’s Student Philanthropy Ambassadors hosted an event in the lobby of Brothers College to celebrate National Philanthropy Day.

At the event, students were encouraged to participate in a Drew-themed Jeopardy game. There were seven topics to choose from, and each topic had five corresponding questions, which got progressively harder. The topics included scholarship, facilities, athletics, faculty and staff, off-campus programs, alumni and a mystery category. The purpose of the questions were to educate the students about important goings-on that are happening or relate to the university. Small prizes were given to students who correctly answered a question.

The Student Philanthropy Ambassadors Club is a group of students who educate the university’s community about the importance of philanthropy at Drew. The club sponsors events and programs to bring attention to those who donate to the university. These events are meant to show the student population how many of the opportunities provided at Drew rely on donations. The members of the club advocate on behalf of the Office of University Advancement and represent Drew at donor and alumni events.

One student, Ian McGuire (’19), explained that he joined the Student Philanthropy Ambassadors because “without receiving a scholarship to study abroad, I would not have been able to travel to Italy and learn about the incredible culture and lifestyle of art, fashion and food. Traveling there and studying the language was an adventure of a lifetime.”

Do you want to be a Student Philanthropy Ambassador? Fill out the application online at the club’s page on the Drew University website

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