Why National Coming Out Day is a Straight Holiday

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Coming Out is a dangerous and detrimental social construct created by and for the pleasure of straight people. National Coming Out Day is a cheap and shallow opportunity for self-declared allies to litter social media with their support for the queer community. Our society is inherently heteronormative, which often makes queer people feel like they’re being dishonest just by existing. This can cause young queer people a lot of stress for no reason other than your fascination with Shit That’s Not Your Business.

The whole concept of Coming Out is entirely to benefit The Straights™. It pressures people into situations that are at best very, very uncomfortable and at worst end in their deaths for nothing but the chance to pat yourself on the back for being a “Good Ally”. National Coming Out Day is even worse; it’s an entire day designed to pressure LGBTQ folk to come out before they are emotionally or financially ready, putting them in potentially dangerous situations. Newsflash: most queer people who Come Out to you don’t do so because they actually care that you know who they want to have sex with. They do it because you make them so damn uncomfortable with your incessant prying that they just want to scream.

If it’s not clear that you shouldn’t pressure people into making public something they don’t want to share, you need to stop reading here and reevaluate your values. If you’re still reading, let’s continue. If someone decides that Coming Out is important to them and does so, you don’t get to comment. No “I knew that”, no “what do your parents think?”, no “you should have made me a cake”, no making this about you. How old were you when you told your parents you were straight? Coming Out is caused by the compulsive heterosexuality of our society and enforced by straight people every day. Stop patting yourself on the back for enabling Straight Bullshit.

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