The Hottest Coffee Shop in Town

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by Laura Archer, Staff Writer

Madison’s very own independent coffee shop, Drip, is the one spot every Drew student must visit at one point during their academic career. One of the best things about Drip is its location at 34th Main Street, which is only a 15 minute walk from campus. Down the block from Chipotle and across the street from Short Stories, Drip’s outdoor seating offers a great view of downtown Madison. Inside, the shop offers many small seating options for intimate discussions with a significant other, a chat with a friend, or even an isolated study space. If you’re looking for a quiet atmosphere, one of the best times to go is the late afternoon when Madison’s after school rush has filtered out.

One thing to try on your visit to Drips is their hot lattes. Not only can you customize just about everything to your liking, but if you stay in the shop and ask for a mug instead of a to-go cup, you receive Instagram-worthy foam art adorning the latte. I recommend their mocha lattes in particular. They also offer a wide variety of tea that you can get either hot or cold. In addition, Drip offers pastries, muffins, and granola bars for quick snacks. In addition, for lunch they offer different sandwiches, like avocado toast or grilled cheese, but they stop serving these after three.

The lovely latte art that you’ll get with your latte at Drip.

Commuter student Zaakiyah Colson (’20) says, “The lovely music and atmospheric environment provides a calming place not only to relax and enjoy myself, but also do personal things like sketch, do homework, or hangout with friends. It’s a great location for me because it’s close to campus and only a short walk from the train station.” The atmosphere is boosted by the artwork hanging on the walls. Changed fairly frequently, the photos and paintings that showcase local artists can be purchased by any customer.

If you want to hang out at Drip like Colson, Drip offers free wifi. They also have a perks card, where you can get stamped for every drink you purchase and get the 10th one free.

Be sure to stop at Drip during your next walk into town. Their weekday hours are 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and weekend hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. Also check out their Facebook (@dripcoffeenj), Twitter (@DRIPcoffeeNJ), or their Instagram (@dripcoffeenj)!

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