A happy horror story: senior thesis capstone review

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by Christian Regan, Staff Writer

In a world of cutting edge video game technology and an infinitely expanding internet, the theatrical arts have fallen from their original cultural peak. Still, those that study Theatre at Drew don’t take this as a fact, but rather a challenge. The senior capstone class this year undertook a behemoth of a challenge, finding inspiration in the work of Franz Kafka. With their show titled “A Metamorphosis: A Horror Story for Our Time”, this group of actors, designers, playwrights and directors have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in theatre. A fusion of Tim Burton-esque storytelling and Disney-style entertainment, “A Metamorphosis” is an entertainment experience unlike many others.

In theatre, horror can be hard to attain. Thriller and horror movies do it by featuring the grotesque. Novels do it with explicitly detailed narration and gritty, “too-true-to-life” plot. The head writers of this show found a way to blend these elements to create a modern theatrical horror story inspired by Kafka. Philipe Abiyouness (’17), Victoria Detres (’17), and Ian Ratcliffe (’17) have written a piece of magic here.

The writing isn’t the only thing that’s special about this production either. Every detail of this experience has been thought through and beautifully sculpted. From the set design by MJ Santry (’17) and lights by Everton Johnson (’17) to the sound by Andrea Ruotolo (’17), the essence of horror clings to every hanging chair, flash of light, and impeccably placed sound cue. The costumes, hair and makeup design, done by Katie Newman (‘17), perfectly capture every character’s place in the story. Special attention to detail was given to the props design, and props to Michal Korsarts (’17) for that.

The show was directed by Shafer Ward (’17) with Technical Direction by Emma Barakat (’17) and Stage Management by Annie Belkin (’17). The Dramaturgy board was done by Carolyn Newes (’17) and Michelle Taliento (’17).

The Senior Capstone class has worked incredibly hard to create and provide an experience incredibly unique to the subject that many have come to this campus to study. For anyone who is hesitant to go to a theatre event because it’s not your cup of tea, this event may be enticing enough for you to give it a try. Come see “A Metamorphosis: A Horror Story for Our Time” in the Directing Lab on April 7-9 at 7:30 p.m. Ticket reservations are highly recommended for this show, as the audiences are capped. You can reserve tickets by calling the Kean Box Office at 973-408-3030 or reserve online by emailing  keanboxoffice@drew.edu
5/5 Acorns

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