Sticking it to the man: Locker room talk turned into battle of the balls

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This Wednesday, March 30, the Drew University baseball and men’s lacrosse teams faced off in a highly competitive Battle of the Sticks. After many hours of tense play, the match was ultimately won by the Drew University men’s lacrosse team, who took home the trophy with a fantastick score of 111-88.

Wasting no time whatsoever, lacrosse’s Moby Stick (’17) netted the ball into the goal within a minute of play. Baseball’s Rick Raoul (’20) then countered by stealing the ball, but sadly missed the goalpost as he sent the ball flying four feet over it. Sticking to their game plan, Leigh Cross (’20), scored yet another goal in favor of the lacrosse team. The baseball team, after being stuck in a corner for more than a quarter of the match, made a tremendous comeback, after Bart Swinger (’18) launched the ball across the field, straight into the goalpost. The baseball team, realizing that the ball going into the net worked in their favor, mimicked Swinger’s shot and were able to score goals from an extreme distance, something that the lacrosse team seemed unable to replicate. The score at halftime was 45-32, in favor of the baseball team, after both teams went whack and forth trying to gain possession of the ball. The lacrosse team seemed to get themselves out of this sticky situation, as there was no stopping the teamwork of Tom Ballbrough (’17), Stick van Dyke (’18), Harry Nett (’20). Together, Tom, Stick and Harry combined for a whopping total of 79 goals, which ultimately gave them the victory.

Thus, in a first for Drew history, after a shocking upset, the battle of the Rangers was won by Drew University. The Drew Rangers will return to the field to compete in yet another exciting match on February 29, 2018.


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