Bookworms with a sweet tooth plan Edible Book Fest for Mar. 31

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by Izabella Louk, Staff

When thinking of Drew’s library what comes to mind? It seems to be that dusty old books, confusing shelving and the resident ghosts are the most commonly associated things with the library. You wouldn’t in a million years expect an Edible Book Fest.

Surprisingly an Edible Book Fest is not a festival for going and picking your favourite encyclopedia up off the stacks and munching on it as a tastier alternative to Commons food. Rather, it is a celebration and cooperation between literature and culinary achievement. First started in 2000, it is an annual international event where book-lovers come together to bake “edible art” based around their favourite literary works. Think cupcakes adorned with the final battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort, a sponge-cake decorated as the cover of “Catcher in the Rye” or a multi-layered, crepe-cake, adorned with the singular word “Gatsby” (a clever play on crepes and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel). A time to dust-off the cooking implements your mother bought you in Freshman year, and pull out your favourite novel. The library is hosting an Edible Book Fest at Drew for the very first time.

The event, which will take place on March 31 in the library lobby, will be a competition with three sections; Punniest, Best in Show and Least Edible (that last category being a blessing for those of us who struggle with even the most basic of cooking). The library has stipulated only two rules in this quest for gastronomic-literary success: All entries must be “bookish” in some way, through illustrating a cover, making a pun on a book title, portraying a character or any creative way you can think of; and all entries must be made of edible materials—that does not mean that it has to taste good, so think outside the box!

With these rules in mind, let your creativity run wild. If you are stuck for an idea, simply googling “Edible Book Festival” brings up hundreds of examples of entries from those who have gone before us. Just make sure to have your creation to the library lobby by 3 p.m. Following the deliverance of said creations, the audience judging will take place, and the winners of Drew library’s inaugural Edible Book Fest will be announced.

If interested in entering, both the entry form and more information can be found online on the library’s website.

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