Snapchat Polygamy

Anonymous Submission

If I told you I had just a few grievances in my life, that would be a lie, but one of the largest by far is Snapchat. I must tell you of all the days spent pining, watching, waiting for replies and sitting trying to get the PERFECT picture to snap back. But time after time, the only thing I receive are group snapchats from the people I like. Don’t get me wrong, it is better than no snaps at all… BUT IS IT?

Day in and day out, I think someone likes me, only to find out they are sending the same snapchat to multiple people. This kind of snapchat polygamy should not be tolerated. I individualize each and every snap I send, even if it is just a weird photo of my face, you know you are the only one to receive that specific picture. Men in particular are guilty of this social networking crime that we must stand up against together. This depersonalizing and objectifying of people through Snapchat is horrendous.

How am I to continue thinking you actually value me as a person if all I receive are snaps you sent to 15 other friends? Also how do you have 15 friends you dislike enough to send the same snap to? Snapchat is one of our generation’s main platforms of communication, and so doing these group snaps are similar to calling all your friends and saying the exact same thing. Is it so difficult to take the time to take a new pic or type a new caption? Do you need the attention of so many people at once that you send out these flood snaps?

Please come together and join me, and perhaps we can bring an end to group snaps.

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