Inside the Life at the C-Store

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by Henry Ferchau, Contributing Writer

If you are a student at Drew that often gets hungry at night, the chances are you have visited the convenience store at least once in your college career. The convenience store, or C-store, is located right next to McLendon Hall and is opened from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. every night.

The lines can sometimes be out the door, as many students wait for their sandwiches, pizzas and nachos. Of course, one can find anything from napkins to noodles at the C-store, but the main attraction is the option of getting a hot meal after the other main eating places are closed. The Commons closes at 8:30 p.m., and the E.C. closes at 10 p.m., so after 10, the C-store can often be packed with people.

As great as the C-store is as a dinner option, it is also a place that provides opportunities for Drew students to work. Ryan Drouin (’19) started working at the C-store this past October to save up some money on the side. “It’s really fun to work there hanging out with Matt and making sandwiches.” Matt is the manager at the C-store and watches over Ryan as he assists customers with their purchases. Matt said, “My favorite part is when students come in hungry and leave happy knowing I made them food that they will continue to keep coming back for.” However, Ryan also finds some chores to be not quite as enjoyable. “My least favorite part is stocking the shelves because everything goes so quickly.” According to Ryan, most of the inventory is gone by Sunday, which is the day the Ryan works at the C-store.

Ryan also talked about what he thinks could improve at the C-store after witnessing firsthand where the store’s weak points are. “I think if the C-store had a computer component so students could type their orders in like at a Wawa that would be a great addition so Matt doesn’t have to read multiple pieces of paper to look over what people had already ordered.”

For Ryan, working at the C-store is a worthwhile job, but also a job that keeps him on his toes, as the rush never seems to die down for a chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce.

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