LGBT Rights

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By T.J. Chiang

I hope that this piece will offer some hope in light of recent events. It seems that Trump won’t do anything to strip LGBT rights away, yet, as demonstrated by keeping Obama’s protection of LGBT federal workers’ rights. However, many members of his cabinet have an alleged track record for being anti-LGBT, including Vice President Pence. This may or may not swing Trump’s views.

We in the LGBT community have a phrase: ‘It gets better.’ It seems to me that some have lost hope. From what I gather, many LGBT people have a fear that we will lose our rights with the Trump Administration. We will reverse back to a not-so-pleasant time. All the hard work of the past few years will come undone. The fear is real, but what happened to the phrase: ‘It gets better?’ This obstacle in our path, if there will be, will only be temporary. We as a community have overcome so many obstacles starting from Stonewall in 1969 (and even before)! We have individual coming-out stories, our own personal struggles, for which I struggled with myself for perhaps too long. It was a long struggle before I accepted myself as gay.

I am not trying to defend or give benefit of the doubt to the Trump Administration. My point is this, we have come too far to fear. Don’t fear. If we are afraid, the Trump Administration wins. A government can control its people with fear. We are better. Plus, life is too short to fear. I can’t guarantee problems will all fade away, but it gets better, I promise. The only thing I ask is to wait and, if necessary, fight for what you believe is right. We can make it through.

T.J. is a senior Sociology major.

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