Even Heroes Bleed

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By T.J. Chiang

I am no Superman by any means, but I like to consider myself strong and I know I can get through tough times with little to no trouble. But even the toughest guy bleeds; we are all human. I have never cried when things got tough nor had I experienced loss until recently. The first time I cried was at the thought of my friend’s departure due to his graduation from university. To be honest, it was nothing compared to the loss I recently went through.

I recently bawled my eyes out because of one of my beloved professor retired and will depart back to her home far, far away from my university. Based on my recent experience, I’ve been thinking of why. Why do we cry at loss? Why do the toughest and most level-headed people cry as well?

In my opinion, it is because of emotions that we, as humans, all feel. Maybe it’s fear? Especially the fear of most likely not seeing that person ever again. Maybe it’s because of the impact and influence the person had on you. Especially a person who has influenced you and helped you greatly. As you know, one of my beloved professors retired and is moving very far away. This professor has been such an influence on my life, as a student and a person. I bawled my eyes out two nights in a row (and as I am writing this) thinking of her. I just wish, if I ever become a professor (or wherever life takes me) I can be half as good as she is. I had never felt such great sorrow until now. I hope to see her again before she leaves. Time is running out.

In the end, I don’t have all the answers. Maybe my readers will, who knows? Maybe my readers could help me? All I know is even Superman bleeds. Even the toughest and most level-headed person cries. And that is okay!

T.J. is a senior Sociology major.

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