Making the Most of the Last Week of Classes

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As the semester rushes towards its inevitable conclusion, things can seem very hectic and chaotic with final exams, projects and essays all jockeying for a position on your calendar and in your brain. Everybody is looking forward to the start of winter vacation. In the short amount of time left, it is important to take some steps to ensure that you do the best on your final exams.

First off, while this is a small thing, make sure that you actually know when and where all of your finals are taking place. Nothing could be worse than being late to an exam because you forgot what time it started at. You should then make a commitment to actually put aside time to study for each of your exams. This is not necessarily an easy thing, and all the procrastinators out there might think this impossible, but there is still enough time to get things done. It is important to remember that, because of how the school schedule falls this year, reading days are next Saturday and Sunday. For anybody attending Holiday Ball this weekend, that might not be a thing you want to hear, so be sure to plan your studying accordingly.

To make the idea of studying more enjoyable, it might be helpful to form a study group with other members of your class. You guys are all in the same mess, and studying in a group allows people to help one another. Even though it is the end of the semester, if there’s a topic or concept you don’t understand, make some time to meet with your professor. This might involve digging out that old syllabus to find their office hours, but it’s a very helpful method to clear out any last-minute doubts. Most professors would rather spend a few minutes clearing something up with a student rather than give out a bad grade on their exam.

Most importantly: don’t lose hope. Finals are hard, but they are definitely manageable, and if you dedicate enough time to prepare for them, there should be no reason to worry. With that being said, we hope that this finals season goes smoothly, and that you enjoy yourselves on this upcoming winter break.

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