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By T.J. Chiang

It has come to my attention that the result of this election caused much debate, sometimes resulting in hatred and ignorance on social media.I am writing this as a plea to leave the hatred behind and collaborate and respect each other.

To the people on the losing of this election:

Your voice is heard loud and clear. I, as with many other fellow Americans, understand your pain. However, now is not the time to display ignorance toward the other side. It will accomplish nothing, only to further animosity. Now is not the time to despair. We have much work to do to make this nation stronger. We can achieve this, though it may seem hard at times, by working together as one cohesive unit. As Lincoln noted, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” I have great faith this will be accomplished. Hold your head up high and press onward. Don’t despair or hate, you can still make a difference by working with the other side and drop partisanship.

To the “winners” of this election:

Your joy is noted. It is natural to rejoice in times like these. But, do not gloat and put down other other people. Do not spread hate or ignorance. More than ever, we need respect and understanding. More than ever, we need teamwork and collaboration. We must work as one to make (yes) “Make America Great Again.” To a time where we stood up as a nation, not as conservatives (or liberals), for our shared morals and values.

I believe, even though conservatives and liberals have different ways of approaching problems and have different interests they want to address, we all have the same goals. We all want to leave America better than we found it. In the end, we are Americans, not Liberal Americans or Conservative Americans.

T.J. is a senior Sociology major.

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