Why You Should Vote This Election Day

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By Sebastian Godinez

Election day is less than a week away (five days to be exact). It has been one very long, very contentious election cycle. But on Nov. 8, it will all be over. The issue I would like to tackle this time is voting. Millennials, unfortunately, do not have a history of voting in historically high numbers. However, I believe this election will be different.

The candidates are not the typical candidates we see in a usual election. On the one hand we have a misogynist, racist, and serial sexual abuser and predator. And then we have a serial liar, calculated, cold woman. Both candidates are unprecedentedly unpopular with negative approval ratings. Many millennials despise or at the very least are wary of both nominees, many having supported the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. And that is understandable, as Bernie proposed some appealing, if improbable, ideas to young voters. But, if you are looking for a candidate that is mostly likely to consider and possibly put into action Bernie’s plan, Hillary is your candidate. If you look at what they are promising solely based on what they promise and what they say during their speeches, Donald Trump presents a message that this nation is spiraling to its death and immigrants (particularly Muslims and undocumented ones) are to blame. Hillary, on the other hand, promises to help those who are struggling to make ends meet by doing things like attempting to lower the cost of colleges and reduce taxes on the middle and lower classes while ensuring that the rich pay their fair share. But whomever you are supporting, please VOTE.

Millennials represent an increasingly large percent of the population and are on track to become the largest segment of the population in the U.S. So our votes mean a lot. A lot of people are fed up with how things are operating right now. But the only way to change that is to vote. Staying home and turning your nose up at the two candidates is not helping. Let’s also make something clear too. IF YOU DO NOT VOTE, YOU LOSE ALL RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.

You have the chance, alongside millions of other Americans to make a difference during this election. You have a vote, use it to promote candidates that you feel will make a difference and changes you want to see. Election day is just six days away. You have a voice, use it.

Sebastian is a junior Political Science major.

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