And the senior gift for the Class of ’17 is…

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By Allison Estremera

Another year, another class of Seniors getting ready spread their wings, leave the Forest and enter the “real world.” While there is a good mix of both excitement and apprehension as the clock ticks down to graduation, there is no shortage of fun class activities for elder Drewids to partake in. One of these is participating in the funding of the Senior Gift.

Composed of twenty-five faculty-selected Seniors, the Senior Gift Committee is the driving force behind choosing the gift and planning fundraising events for it. Though these students lead the efforts, the Senior Gift is an activity that aims to engage with the entirety of the senior class.  “The core of it is engaging with our peers beyond our group of twenty-five students and making it a class-wide initiative,” said Marley Crank (’17), a member of the committee.  

In addition to creating a sense of class unity and school spirit, Crank noted that the number of students that donate reflects on how their class will be remembered on campus, and said, “This gift will be what we leave behind, and that can make our legacy as exciting or mundane as we want to make it.”

While past classes’ gifts include classroom seating and helping to establish The Pub, the Class of 2017 aims to bring some green energy to the Forest. The committee plans to raise money to buy a solar powered charging station for the University, and hopes that other classes will use this as a precedent. Crank said, “We hope for this to be the first in a line of eco-friendly Senior Gifts.”

This past Wednesday saw the first event to raise money for the Senior Gift in the form of the Senior Kickoff. Be sure to be on the lookout for the next chance to pledge.

(Featured Image by Allison Estremera/ Assistant Student Life & Arts Editor)

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