A Take on the 2016 Election

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By Sebastian Godinez

So far there have been three debates for the 2016 Presidential Election; two presidential and one vice presidential. Mike Pence might be a sight for sore eyes for conservatives, but Donald Trump is nothing short of a nightmare. During the two presidential debates, we have seen The Donald constantly interrupt Clinton while she was trying to speak. On top of this, post-debate fact-checking by the Washington Post and Politifact revealed that Trump said many, many more false statements than Clinton did. Perhaps more importantly, Trump exposed himself for what he really he is. Last Friday, the Washington Post unearthed a 2005 hot mic tape from Trump. In it, Trump makes sexually aggressive remarks about a soap opera star. He also appears to condone sexual assault against women, something that, beyond being absolutely despicable, is likely to hurt Trump in a demographic that he really needs to win the election: women voters.

Additionally, Trump made some horrendous statements during the debate including his statement that he would effectively send Clinton to jail should he be elected president. I agree with some of the post-debate coverage with many commentators believing that this represents a new low in American politics. This is something people might expect in some other, less democratic country, not here in the U.S. Combine this with the innumerable outrageous and degrading comments that Trump has made throughout this campaign, and it fails to inspire any confidence in his ability to lead or that Trump has any understanding of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and U.S. government and how they operate. I am not going to lie to you, the fact that Trump got this far and despite the horrible statements, he still enjoys the support of the majority of Republican voters really scares me. Indeed, the election has been scarred enough with the nasty tone and coverage of the election. We spent needless months focused on Clinton’s emails, which turned up nothing and we’ve had to put with Trump and his awful statements. This is perhaps one of the worst elections and also the most worrisome. Russia has attempted to sabotage the democratic process in the U.S. They have hacked to some of nation’s most secure electoral debates and are attempting to sway our election. To be honest, the election has taken its toll on me and I only hope that the 2020 election is not so marred by false allegations and a nasty tone. Here is to 2020, everyone. Only four more years to go.

Sebastian is a junior Political Science major.

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