Drew’s Dialogue Dilemma

By Jared Sutton On December 4, 2015, about two weeks after I assumed the office of Student Government President, Alexa Young (’18) changed my life. On that cold December day, The Drew Acorn published Alexa’s op-ed, a scathing critique of privilege in America. During that time, race relations on university campuses, including ours, were strained. Following months of planning, in response to Alexa’s concerns and … Continue reading Drew’s Dialogue Dilemma

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Candidates for President Present their Platforms

By Kassel Franco Garibay and Anna Gombert Elections for Student Government president and vice president will take place on Friday, December 1 with Manny Lopez (’19) and Alessandra Le Pera (’20) running against Salma Mahmoud (’19) and Shehab Marzouk (’20). Students will be able to vote online on the Path, or in person from 9 to 11 a.m. in Brothers College and from 11 a.m … Continue reading Candidates for President Present their Platforms