Forest Findings: Crocus

by Colleen Dabrowski Crocuses, or Crocus sativus, are flowering plants in the iris family. Comprising of over 90 species of perennials, crocuses can bloom in fall, winter and spring. Native to southern Europe, North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East, crocuses thrive in a variety of climates. A fall-blooming species of crocus is where the spice saffron comes from; the word crocus comes from … Continue reading Forest Findings: Crocus

Scientists Implant and Grow Partial Brains in Mice

by Abigail Mullen On Monday, April 16, scientists at the Salk Institute published a paper describing the first successful implantation of human cerebral organoids into a mouse. The purpose of the study was to determine if another brain could be grown inside the host organism. In this study, the host brain was able to supply the cerebrums with blood to keep them alive for months. … Continue reading Scientists Implant and Grow Partial Brains in Mice

Potential Ninth Planet

by Maimouna Kante According the Scientific American, Caltech astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin claimed there could potentially be another planet beyond Neptune—about two years ago. They sometimes call this planet “Planet Nine” (as a reminder, Pluto was removed as the 9th planet in 2006 because it was deemed too small to be considered a planet; rather, it is now classified as a dwarf planet). … Continue reading Potential Ninth Planet