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by Olivia Winters

For the past three years, there has been a group on campus that has been slowly making a name itself.

I’ve wondered for quite some time now why the Drew Football Team usually attracts the same regular audience of 100 people or so for its shows. After racking my brain for the better half of a year, I finally came to this conclusion: lack of exposure. It’s the only logical explanation. For some groups on campus, event turnout can be dismal for several reasons. Maybe the event doesn’t interest them, or they couldn’t be bothered to leave their rooms at the time of day that the event takes place. In some cases, students may not even attend an event because they do not get along with some of the people in the club. None of this is possible for the Football Team.

The Drew Football Team, founded in the fall of 2015 by Shafer Ward (C’17) and Philipe Abiyouness (C’17), provides an entertainment experience for the student body like no other. Not only are its members profoundly clever, but they are some of the most attractive students that have ever stepped foot on this campus in 150 years. While Drew is known for its Division III Athletics, Football is the only DI athletic team to represent the Rangers, a great source of pride for the school and its alumni. It is a common misconception that the Football Team is merely an improv troupe, but this is hardly the case. In fact, the group has dabbled in various mediums over the course of its short existence, including sketch comedy, musical performances, puppetry and more.

Football Team secretary Emily Dzioba (’18) stated, “I think… we make a positive impact [on the Drew student body] because we’re playing into the idea of accepting anything thrown at us and building onto it. That teaches us how to be more free and optimistic people… [bringing] people together at our events to laugh and have a good time.” Treasurer Bella Louk (’20) agrees and said, “I like that it’s sort of a family on campus. Like it’s a space to just hang out with friends and have fun (and ‘make some art’). I think that attitude kind of carries over into our shows, and they become an hour or two for people to take time away from studying and everything and (hopefully!) have a laugh.” If you think these women are liars, or if you just like to fact-check the Acorn for yourself, check out the Football Team on March 25 at 8:30 p.m. For their annual IMPROVAPELLA show, Football teams up with Mad Ave, OADN and AOTA in the Space this Sunday to create a hilarious medley of music and comedy.


Olivia is a junior Theatre and French double major with a minor in English Literature


Graphic by David Giacomini

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