Concert Hall Column 3/3

by Caitlin Shannon, Student Life and Arts Editor

While the students are away, the musicians play! It might be spring break but the Concert Hall is still busy as ever with a double header concert weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday are great opportunities to hear some virtuosic music featuring both choir and orchestra.

You know what they say, if it ain’t Baroque! Well, Saturday’s concert will showcase music by some of the musical kings of the Baroque era.  The Masterwork Chorus will give a concert entitled “Fit for a King” featuring works by George Frederic Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach.  The concert not only celebrates these musical kings but the actual monarchs for whom these piece were written. Handel’s Coronation Anthems celebrate King George II of England, written right after Handel became a British citizens. J.S. Bach’s Cantata BWV 207a honors King Augustus III of Poland.  $55 tickets that include a champagne reception as well as $38 general admission tickets are currently on sale online. The concert is Sat. Mar. 4 at 8pm.

Opera to Die for! Opera fans will be happy to hear that the New Jersey Festival Orchestra and guests will be performing a concert of Giuseppe Verdi’s most famous opera, La Traviata. The opera’s passionate duets and soaring arias are what make it one of the most beloved operas of all time and a beautiful listening experience.  Tickets are only $15 for audience members under 18 and only $20 for students with Drew ID.  Make sure not to miss this awesome opportunity Sun. Mar. 5 at 3pm.

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